Hello, and welcome to the unofficial Saddle Club page! I have to tell you I am not Bonnie Bryant, just a fan of The Saddle Club. The Saddle Club is a series of books which features Stevie (short for Stephanie), Lisa, and Carole. Stevie, Lisa, and Carole are friends, and decided to make a club called The Saddle Club, the only rules for members are: Members have to by horse crazy, and two, members have to try help each other out, whatever the problem is! The Saddle Club rides at Pine Hollow Stables. Carole's horse is named Starlight, Stevie owns Belle. Lisa dosen't own a horse of her own, but usualy rides the ex-racehorse, Prancer. The series is up to 86 books now, and every month, Bonnie Bryant writes a new one. The Saddle Club is a great book for anyone horse crazy! So I made a Saddle Club site, where you can find info on the books, games, and other stuff. Enjoy!

Starting Gate, 91

Will Be Published April 2000

Driving Team, 90

Will Be Published January 2000
The Saddle Club is gearing up to learn all about driving - not cars, horses. Carole Hansen and Lisa Atwood have to do a report on the use of driving teams throughout history. The only problem is that they have to much information! Somehow they have to rein in they're enthusiasm, or their ten-minute talk could take a lifetime. Meanwhile, Stevie Lake is facing her worst nithmare. Their riding instructor has assigned Stevie and Veronica diAngelo a special driving-team project: teaching their horses to work as a team. It's a great idea, but how are the horses going to work together if their owners can't? It's going to ake more then teamwork to get through this project. It's going to take a miracle!

Carole, The Inside Story

Carole Hansen knows she wants to spend her life with horses - the problem is, she doesn't know how. She could be a vet, or a professional rider, or she could run her own stable. She needs to narrow the choices down a bit, but it's hard. And there are so many other things to do - including great Saddle Club projects like helping her friend Stevie chose a horse, helping her friend Marie get through a difficult birthday, and helping her friend Lisa fullfill her dream of going on the stage. It's a lot of work, but that's what The Saddle Club is all about: helping each other out. But who's going to help her with her decision?
    Then her old riding journals and a special set of memories help Carole realize that she doesn't have to decide anything just yet.

Covers events in books 34 - 40

Lucky Horse, 89

Carole Hansen and her father are going camping, just the two of them. Carole's excited, but she's also sad. She'll miss her best friends, Stevie Lake and Lisa Atwood, and her horse, Starlight. Still with Stevie and Lisa looking after Starlight, Carole knows he'll be fine. In fact, he's one lucky horse, because her friends can't do enough for him. But Stevie and Lisa get so busy with Starlight that they forget their own horses. Meanwhile, Carole and her dad are having their own kind of luck-and it's all bad. Carole's dad is so determined to use all his fancy camping gear that they're not enjoying themselves. Somehow they have to start having fun or the trip will be a total bust.
Maybe the Saddle Club needs a few four-leaf clovers to turn things around. 

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